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is an attractive, slim, classy  and very sussessful lady in her mid 40's. She lives in London and enjoys fasion, design, socialising, travel, visits the gym ans ski's. She is outgoing, considerate, sociable affectionate and open minded. Knowing her we would also add she in very funny with a great sense of humour, full of life anda creative person and absolutely charming. Gerry is looking for some good male friends to share the finer things in life and is open to new ideas. Lets meet for coffee!
NINA late 30’s  I am a single business woman currently working in  Beijing, China and London.  I have always been fascinated by the wider world and this led to me to study economics and international trade at university. In 1996, I started my ownmarketing company that works mainly with British companies who want to establish themselves in China.
Through my work I find I really enjoy the company of my many British friends.I love their sense of humour and fun, they're always friendly and interesting. I think I should have been born as an English girl. Both my sisters married French men but I much prefer the company of  English men.
When not working, I enjoy the outdoors and going to the gym to stay fit and slim.  I enjoy good food, especially Italian, and good wine,  though since my cooking skills are not the best (but am open to learn from a capable partner) I often eat in good restaurants. Travel is another of my passions, I  have travelled much of Europe as well as visiting America, India and South Africa. I would like to continue to explore the world to test the restaurants and to see new things whilst experiencing other cultures.
In the past,my business has been my main priority but now I feel that establishing a meaningful and long term relationship is so much more important to me. I see myself as friendlyconfident,positive, loyal, sociable, young at heart and importantly fun to be with I would like to find someone who appreciates and compliments these qualities and who is hopefully bright, honest, responsible, fun, and relaxed and whose nature is kind-hearted, just like me. 
Most importantly I want to find a partner with a common outlook with whom I could enjoy to explore new things and share experiences so as to bring each other a more interesting fulfilling and fun life.
Return to this site soon to see my photograph best regards Nina You can E;mail me direct at   
or call ALUN on 0207 930 5555 to set up a meeting

 Leanne is an attractive slim but shapely late 30's women. She is a successful accounts director for a market leading company. Although she is petite at 5ft 1ins tall, she has a personality to bowl you over. She is confident, hardworking, outgoing, sociable, affectionate fun to be with, happy, positive and sensitive. She has never lost her feminine softness and cheeky smile. She drinks occasionally but never smokes. She is single ( but were working on that!) and educated to degree level in business studies. She has a wide choice of interests including the outdoors, whether its horse riding, taking an interest in wild life or especially visiting places with breathtaking scenery. Her city pursuits include the cinema and she regularly visits the theatre. She particularly enjoys  live concerts from pop, ELO, to a good orchestra. She enjoys sporting events especially  Badminton horse trials and motor tracing at Silverstone or further afield. She enjoys cooking and giving small dinner parties for friends. She is equally happy pottering about in her garden as she lives in a rural environment North of London. She enjoys travel and has visited USA Sweden and NZ. -  would like to visit New England next.   Leanne is a lovely feminine woman that is going to waste without a great  guy to share her life with. YOU aged from 40 to 55ish  5ft 6 ins tall or more,  intelligent caring amusing fun to be with able to make her laugh and able to share  the really important things in life together. It would be really nice to have someone to spoil and someone who can spoil her. Lets meet for coffee!

Carol is a very attractive, slim but shapely professional artist. She’s mid 30’s single and without children. She is feminine classy and educated to post graduate level. She is outgoing, sociable, affectionate, confident, fun to be with, stable, positive loyal and very talented. She was classically trained abroad for several years and her paintings are superb. Carol is cultured but not the slightest way pretentious. She lives in a fashionable part of West London overlooking the river.
She loves to cook and give small dinner parties for her friends. She adores travel and has visited Asia, USA and most of Europe – next   it’s Moscow! She obviously enjoys art, art galleries and exhibitions, as well as ballet and Opera  She  takes a great interest in the theatre ( she was a successful international theatre director before taking up her “brushes”)
She enjoys walks in the countryside, especially near water,  be it  streams, rivers, lakes or the Sea. With a partner she would enjoy the simple things in life such as walks in the country and  stumbling across a country pub with character for lunch and picnics in the summer.  She also enjoys the normal  London lifestyle including dining out, or sharing a bottle of wine and conversation with a group of friends at home or an interesting Bistro. Carol is looking to enlarge her circle of male friends with a view to finding  “the one” to settle down with. Ideally you should be aged 37 to 50 at least 5ft 8” tall, intelligent, confident, caring, open to new ideas, fun to be with a happy disposition. Even the best things in life are ordinary without having someone special to share then with.  Lets meet for a coffee!
Ruth is a very attractive lawyer with a stunning figure. She is 5ft 5ins tall and weighs 8 stone 7 lbs. She is a non smoker who lives on the Sussex borders but will meet in London, Surrey or Hampshire. She is affectionate, passionate, loving, loyal and fun to be with. She has a variety of interests including running, yoga and gardening. She enjoys good food and wine whether it's giving dinner parties for friends, eating out at quality restaurants or pubs. Ruth lives in an idyllic rural environment and enjoys the natural world - from animals, to walking in the countryside or even a blustery stroll along the seashore. Energetic by nature, she likes to keep herself fit and is always willing to try new challenges. She enjoys the occasional shopping trip as she keeps herself trendy with current fashions (definitely not a Scotch Wool or a Laura  Ashley type). On a more cultural level she enjoys a wide  taste in music, from indie, R & B, Jazz  to any  kind of live music. She enjoys travel and holidays, albeit a weekend city break or a long haul destination to a differing culture or sunshine.  She is however equally happy snuggled up with a good novel in front of a log fire at home. Ruth is in her early 40's and is looking to find someone to share life's good times with, someone who's also happy to explore new things, or just share a good bottle of wine and conversation over a leisurely meal. YOU: To be able to match  Ruth's lifestyle within reason, you would also need to be earning in excess of £75K, intelligent, caring, fun and able to show warmth and affection, aged from 42 upwards ideally  over 5ft 7 tall and  a real bonus if you can make her laugh!
Ruth would love to meet up for a coffee. You may call her personal adviser, Jane, on 0207 930 5555,  who can tell you more about this delightful lady. We would of course ask you some questions and if we think it suitable we are in a position to arrange for you to make contact. There are no costs involved to you.
 Val, is a very attractive senior City banker in her late 20's  She lives on London and  is 5ft 6ins tall and weighs 8st8lbs which means she is slim with an excellent figure. She is kind, considerate hardworking, sociable, affectionate, sensible, caring and ambitious. She is educated to an MBA level, is single and a non smoker. She enjoys the theatre, dinner parties, the ballet, opera, art galleries museums and the arts in general. She has a wide range of interests from sailing, dancing, walking in the park/countryside/beach. She enjoys being by the sea ( also a scuba diver and other water sports). Val is looking to settle down with a lifetime partner who should hopefully be from 5ft 8 tall, aged 29/40 without children, outgoing with a  positive outlook prefer a non or very light smoker   
John is a very successful managing director of a substantial company who lives in the Windsor area.. He’s slim, fit, single and in his mid 30’s. He’s considerate, outgoing, kind, passionate, happy, hardworking, sociable, ambitious, confident about himself and fun to be with. He never smokes and is educated to degree level. He enjoys, fine wine, ski-ing, badminton and visits the gym to keep fit. His social life includes visits to the cinema and theatre, dinner parties, cooking, occasional clubbing and dancing, meeting with friends or a nigh in with a good DVD. He also enjoys walking -  especially in the Lake District. He enjoys travel and beach holidays to chill out John is looking to find his partner to settle down with and probably start a family. YOU: intelligent, attractive, not too serious – able to laugh at themselves and have a fun type personality. Lets meet for coffee!
Garry is a very successful businessman based in the Epsom area aged mid 30’s. he’s 6ft tall slim fit and single. His personality we would rate as kind, considerate sociable, confident fun and interesting to be with. He is public school educated and has a degree. He has many interests including music ( he plays the piano and other instruments) He enjoys eating out at good quality restaurants, week ends away city breaks in the UK or abroad and holidays to far off places. He also enjoys reading, skiing and driving. He has a good lifestyle but wishes to find his partner to share life with. You aged 24 to 33 caring and fun to be with.


 Jonathon is a high flying city trader just reached 30, he’s 6ft tall attractive slim single and lives in central London. He’s a smart trendy dresser, although he can be quiet but kind, considerate, hardworking, sociable affectionate ambitious but also laid back, loyal caring, confident and fun. He never smokes and is educated beyond degree level.He enjoys driving into the country, week ends away, travel – has been to most of Europe and the States winters skiing summers relaxing by the sea Greece, Turkey, Portugal etc. Eating out at good restaurants such as Oxo, Bluebird etc., He likes visiting art galleries and museums, would like to visit more in Paris, Italy Amsterdam. Enjoys pubbing and clubbing with friends, visiting thr gym to keep in shape and a round of golf (h8). He dislikes the tube, traffic jams yobbish behaviour . Jonathon is ready to find his partner and make family roots. You attractive slim/curvy caring, down to earth loving fun aged 23 to 31 - ONO

James is a senior TV executive at a major TV network. He’s 5ft 10 tall aged late 30's slim fit and attractive. He’s kind, loyal, considerate, hardworking, sociable, affectionate, ambitious, confident and great fun to be with. He is public school educated and has a degree. He enjoys sharing a bottle of wine and conversation over dinner with friends, all types of music except heavy metal, live concerts playing the guitar, the cinema, loves eating out at exclusive restaurants or a a local pub with atmosphere. He enjoys oil painting, reading and he holidays 2 or 3 times a year To keep in trim he visits the gym and plays some golf. He dislikes ignorant – rude people who lack manners. James is looking to settle down so is looking for that very special person you ache to spend your life with. YOU: attractive , caring, fun preferably without children already aged 25 to 36.


N. is a successful company director and chartered accountant living in London. He’ 6ft 1ins tall aged early 50’s and is a healthy 14stone 8lbs. He dresses smartly and is slightly quiet, kind, considerate, hardworking, sociable, affectionate and honest with a good sense of humour. He is educated to a post grad level, and is divorced. He has business interests in the UK and abroad and travels for both work and leisure. SORRY IN A RELATIONSHIP He enjoys eating out at good restaurants or dining in loves to cook especially Italian. He’s cultured and enjoys the opera, theatre and the cinema. Keeps himself fit with a combination of, visits to the gym, golf, cycling and walking. He would love to find a partner to spoil and share the good things in life with and is certainly not shy of commitment if he can find the right person. YOU: aged 30/45 not skinny, intelligent, interesting, caring he is  not adverse to you having children as he has two of his own  living with his ex.

For further details please call Jane, on 0207 930 5555, 8am to 8pm or send an e:mail explaining  a little about yourself.  to  If you are suitatble we will e:mail you a  form to complete and sign ( we are paid to screen out undesirable people)  anyone can meet losers  themselves.

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